Beninese National Anthem Sheet Music

Download and print top quality “L’Aube Nouvelle”, Beninese national anthem sheet music for piano, voice or other instruments for free here.

The National Anthem Sheet Music for Benin

“L’Aube Nouvelle” was formally embraced as the national anthem of Benin in the year of 1960.

From here, you can check out the Beninese national anthem sheet music online or download the national anthem sheet music for Benin by right clicking the link below and then click on Save as.

Playing National Anthem Sheet Music for Benin on Piano

By making smaller modifications when playing the “L’Aube Nouvelle” on piano, you will see big differences in the quality of your performance.

  • Maintain an excellent posture. One of the best method to ensure to keep an excellent posture is to put up a mirror above your piano so you can watch yourself.
  • Relax, stretch, and warm-up hand and foot muscles each time you play the piano. The idea is not simply to unwind physically, but also to open your ears to the reverb and drifting tone of each and every note from the Beninese national anthem sheet music.
  • Arch the palms – This will help you touch the keys not with whole finger pulps however only with fingertips on the piano.
  • To attain self-reliance between the hands, practice the melodic and accompaniment aspects from the sheet music for Beninese national anthem, individually.
  • To play each and every single note that you play from the Benin national anthem sheet music to mean something, you will require to concentrate your attention on distinctions in touch and attack.

Beninese National Anthem Lyrics in French

Enfants du Bénin debout!
La liberté d’un cri sonore
Chante aux premiers feux de l’aurore;
Enfants du Bénin debout!

1. Jadis à son appel, nos aieux sans faiblesse
Ont su avec courage, ardeur pleins d’allegresse
Livrer au prix du sang des combats éclatants.
Accourez vous aussi, bâtisseurs du présent,
Plus forts dans l’unité, chaqu’jour a la tache,
Pour la prosperité, construisez sans relâche.


2. Quand partout souffle un vent de clère et de haine,
Béninois, sois fier, et d’une âme sereine,
Confiant dans l’avenir, regarde ton drapeau!
Dans le vert tu liras l’espoir du renouveau,
De tes aïeux le rouge évoque le courage;
Des plus riches trésors le jaune est le présage.


3. Tes monts ensoleillés, tes palmiers, ta verdure,
Cher Bénin, partout font ta vive parure.
Ton sol offre à chacun la richesse des fruits.
Bénin, désormais que tes fils tous unis
D’un fraternel élan partagent l’espérance
De te voir à jamais heureux dans l’abondance.

Beninese National Anthem Sheet Music

How to Memorise Beninese National Anthem Sheet Music?

The more tunes you master– the easier for you to discover them. Sight-read a new tune everyday (I post every other day!) to establish memory.

One of the very best method to memorise “L’Aube Nouvelle” music sheet is to understand the musical structure in Beninese national anthem music sheet – where song parts start and end, which chord development is utilized.

One other way to remember well is to check out the music score from the Beninese national anthem music sheet in bed at night and analyse how repetitions differ.

It is very crucial to memorize as you practice the notes from the Beninese national anthem music sheet: from the very beginning read one-two bars and play them from memory. Try to prevent taking a look at the “L’Aube Nouvelle” music sheet as long as you can when practicing the music piece.

Lastly, sing the tune from Beninese national anthem music sheet or merely hum out loud when playing.