Bruneian National Anthem Lyrics

“Allah Peliharakan Sultan” is the national anthem of Brunei Darussalam and the Bruneian national anthem lyrics were written by Pengiran Haji Mohamed Yusuf bin Abdul Rahim and the music to the Bruneian national anthem was composed by Besar bin Sagap.

The National Anthem Lyrics for Brunei Darussalam

“Allah Peliharakan Sultan” was officially adopted as the national anthem of Brunei Darussalam in the year of 1951.

Bruneian National Anthem Lyrics in Malay (Jawi Script)

يا ﷲ لنجوتكنله اوسيا
كباوه دولي يڠ مها مليا
عاديل بردولت منأوڠي نوسا
مميمڤين رعيت ككل بهاڬيا
هيدوڤ سنتوسا نڬارا دان سلطان
الهي سلامتكن بروني دارالسلام

Brunian National Anthem Lyics in Malay (Romanization)

Ya Allah lanjutkanlah Usia
Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia
Adil berdaulat menaungi nusa
Memimpin rakyat kekal bahagia
Hidup sentosa Negara dan Sultan
Ilahi selamatkan Brunei Darussalam

Bruneian National Anthem Lyrics Meaning in English

God bless His Majesty
With a long life
Justly and nobly rule the Kingdom
And lead our people happily forever
Peacefully be, the Kingdom and Sultan
Lord, save Brunei, the abode of peace
Bruneian National Anthem Lyrics

When is Bruneian National Anthem Played or Sung?

National anthem of Brunei Darussalam is normally played or sang during national holidays, especially on the independence day events in Brunei Darussalam. It is also carried out during cultural and other celebrations in Brunei Darussalam, normally marking off the beginning or the end of such festivals.

National anthem of Brunei Darussalam is also often performed in global sporting events, such as the Olympic Games as well school sport occasions.

What is the importance of Bruneian National Anthem in Brunei Darussalam?

The national anthem of Brunei Darussalam, like other national symbols of Brunei Darussalam, embodies the tradition, past history, and beliefs of Brunei Darussalam and its people. It helps stimulate feelings of patriotism amongst the Bruneian people and reminds them of their Brunei Darussalam’s magnificence, beauty, and abundant heritage.

It also assists join the residents of Brunei Darussalam by one single song or music. During the performance of the Bruneian national anthem, residents of Brunei Darussalam, in spite of their ethnic differences, rise in unison and listen diligently or sing the song with fantastic commitment.

Sports males and females from Brunei Darussalam also feel an excellent moment of delight when they get a medal at a global sporting occasion while Brunei Darussalam’s national anthem is played in the background. It gives them a feeling of having made their country proud. Students who listen to the national anthem of Brunei Darussalam in schools are taught to appreciate their nation and develop a spirit of unity among themselves.