Dominican National Anthem Sheet Music

Download and print top quality “Himno Nacional”, Dominican national anthem sheet music for piano, voice or other instruments for free here.

Playing National Anthem Sheet Music for Dominican Republic on Piano

By making minor changes when playing the “Himno Nacional” on piano, you will see substantial distinctions in the quality of your performance.

  • Maintain a good posture. One of the very best method to ensure to keep a good posture is to mount a mirror above your piano so you can see yourself.
  • Relax, stretch, and warm-up hand and foot muscles every time you play the piano. The concept is not simply to relax physically, but also to open up your ears to the reverb and drifting tone of every single note from the Dominican national anthem sheet music.
  • Arch the palms – This will let you touch the keys not with whole finger pulps but just with fingertips on the piano keyboard.
  • To accomplish independence between the hands, practice the melodic and accompaniment aspects from the sheet music for Dominican national anthem, independently.
  • To play each and every single note that you play from the Dominican Republic national anthem sheet music to represent something, you will need to fixate your attention on differences in touch and attack.

The National Anthem Sheet Music for Dominican Republic

“Himno Nacional” was officially adopted as the national anthem of Dominican Republic in the year of 1934.

From here, you can observe the Dominican national anthem sheet music online or download the national anthem sheet music for Dominican Republic by right clicking the link listed below and then click Save as.

Dominican National Anthem Lyrics Meaning in English

1. Valients of Quisqueya,
Let us sing with strong feeling
And let us show to the world
Our invincible, glorious banner.

Hail, O people who, strong and intrepid,
Launched into war and went to death!
Under a warlike menace of death,
You broke your chains of slavery.

2. No country deserves to be free
If it is an indolent and servile slave,
If the call does not grow loud within it,
Tempered by a virile heroism.

But the brave and indomitable Quisqueya
Will always hold its head high,
For if it were a thousand times enslaved,
It would a thousand times regain liberty.

3. If it will be exposed to ruse and deceit
Unto contempt of a real imposer,
On to Las Carreras! Beler! …it were places
Where the traces of glory are found.

Where on the top of the heroic bastion,
The word of the libarated became flesh,
Where the genius of Sánchez and Duarte
Taught to be free or to die.

4. And if an unattended leader the splendor
Of these glorious events could ignore,
One has seen in Capotillo in the war
The flag of fire wave.

And the fire that lets the proud lion
Of Castilla become stupefied,
Removes him from the glorious beaches
Where the crossed banner waves.

5. Compatriots, let us proudly
Show our face, from today prouder than ever;
Quisqueya may be destroyed
But a slave again, never!

It is a sanctuary of love that every character
Of the fatherland feels alive!
And it is his coat of arms, the right;
And it is his device: be free or die.

6. Liberty that still rises cool-bloodedly
The victory in her triumphal car.
And the clarion of war re-echoes
Proclaiming his immortal glory.

Liberty! That the echo’s touch
While they’re full of noble tension
Our fields of glory repeat
Liberty! Liberty! Liberty!
Dominican National Anthem Sheet Music

How to Memorise Dominican National Anthem Sheet Music

The more tunes you master– the easier for you to learn them. Sight-read a new tune everyday to develop memory.

Among the very best way to memorise “Himno Nacional” music sheet is to comprehend the musical structure in Dominican national anthem music sheet – where tune parts begin and end, which chord progression is used.

One other way to bear in mind well is to read the music score from the Dominican national anthem music sheet in bed in the evening and evaluate how repeatings differ.

It is really essential to memorize as you play the notes from the Dominican national anthem music sheet: from the very beginning go through one-two bars and play them from memory. Try to prevent taking a look at the “Himno Nacional” music sheet as long as you can when rehearsing the music piece.

Lastly, sing the melody from Dominican national anthem music sheet or merely hum aloud when playing.