Ivoirian National Anthem Lyrics

“L’Abidjanaise” is the national anthem of Ivory Coast and the Ivoirian national anthem lyrics were written by Mathieu Vangah Ekra [FR and the music to the Ivoirian national anthem was composed by Pierre-Michel Pango [Fr].

The National Anthem Lyrics for Ivory Coast

“L’Abidjanaise” was officially adopted as the national anthem of Ivory Coast in the year of 1960.

Ivoirian National Anthem Lyrics in French

Salut ô terre d’espérance;
Pays de l’hospitalité.
Tes légions remplies de vaillance
Ont relevé ta dignité.

Tes fils chère Côte d’Ivoire
Fiers artisans de ta grandeur,
Tous rasemblés et pour ta gloire
Te bâtiront dans le bonheur.

Fiers Ivoiriens, le pays nous appelle.
Si nous avons dans la paix ramené la liberté,
Notre devoir sera d’être un modèle
De l’espérance promise à l’humanité,
En forgeant, unie dans la foi nouvelle,
La patrie de la vraie fraternité.

Ivoirian National Anthem Lyrics Meaning in English

We salute you, O land of hope,
Country of hospitality;
Thy gallant legions
Have restored thy dignity.

Beloved Ivory Coast, thy sons,
Proud builders of thy greatness,
All mustered together for thy glory,
In joy will construct thee.

Proud citizens of the Ivory Coast, the country calls us.
If we have brought back liberty peacefully,
It will be our duty to be an example
Of the hope promised to humanity,
Forging unitedly in new faith
The Fatherland of true brotherhood.

Ivoirian National Anthem Lyrics

When is Ivoirian National Anthem Played or Sung?

National anthem of Ivory Coast is normally played or performed during national holidays, specifically on the independence day events in Ivory Coast. It is also performed throughout cultural and other celebrations in Ivory Coast, normally marking off the start or completion of such celebrations.

National anthem of Ivory Coast is also typically performed in international sporting events, such as the Olympic Games as well school sport events.

What is the importance of Ivoirian National Anthem in Ivory Coast?

The national anthem of Ivory Coast, like other nationwide symbols of Ivory Coast, embodies the custom, past history, and beliefs of Ivory Coast and its individuals. It assists stimulate feelings of patriotism among the Ivoirian individuals and reminds them of their Ivory Coast’s splendor, appeal, and rich heritage.

It also assists unite the people of Ivory Coast by one single song or music. During the performance of the Ivoirian national anthem, citizens of Ivory Coast, regardless of their ethnic distinctions, rise up in unison and listen diligently or sing the song with excellent commitment.

Sports males and females from Ivory Coast also feel a fantastic moment of delight when they receive a medal at a worldwide sporting occasion while Ivory Coast’s national anthem is played in the background. It gives them a sensation of having actually made their nation proud. Students who listen to the national anthem of Ivory Coast in schools learn to appreciate their nation and establish a sense of unity among themselves.