Malagasy National Anthem Lyrics

“Ry Tanindrazanay malala ô!” is the national anthem of Madagascar and the Malagasy national anthem lyrics were written by Pastor Rahajason and the music to the Malagasy national anthem was composed by Norbert Raharisoa.

The National Anthem Lyrics for Madagascar

“Ry Tanindrazanay malala ô!” was officially adopted as the national anthem of Madagascar in the year of 1958.

Malagasy National Anthem Lyrics in Malagasy

1. Ry Tanindraza nay malala ô
Ry Madagasikara soa.
Ny fitiavanay anaotsy miala,
Fa ho anao ho anao doria tokoa.

Tahionao ry Zanahary
‘Ty No sindrazanay ity
Hiadana sy ho finaritra
He sambatra tokoa izahay.

2. Ry Tanindrazanay malala ô
Irinay mba hanompoan’anao
Ny tena sy fo fanahy anananay ‘zay sarobidy
Sy mendrika tokoa.


3. Ry Tanindrazanay malala ô
Irinay mba hitahian’ anao,
Ka Ilay Nahary ‘zao ton tolo izao no
Fototra ijoroan, ny satanao.


Malagasy National Anthem Lyrics Meaning in English

1. Oh, Our beloved fatherland
Oh good Madagascar.
Our love for you will not leave,
For you, for you for ever.

Bless you, oh Creator
This island of our ancestors
To live in peace and joy
Hey! We are truly blessed.

2. Oh our beloved fatherland!
We wish to serve you with
The body and heart, spirit that is ours,
You are precious and truly deserving.


3. Oh our beloved fatherland!
We wish that you will be blessed,
So that the Creator of this world
Will be the foundation of your laws.

Malagasy National Anthem Lyrics

When is Malagasy National Anthem Played or Sung?

National anthem of Madagascar is generally played or sung during national holidays, especially on the independence day events in Madagascar. It is also carried out throughout cultural and other celebrations in Madagascar, usually marking off the beginning or completion of such festivals.

National anthem of Madagascar is also typically performed in global sporting occasions, such as the Olympic Games as well school sport events.

What is the importance of Malagasy National Anthem in Madagascar?

The national anthem of Madagascar, like other nationwide signs of Madagascar, represents the tradition, history, and beliefs of Madagascar and its citizens. Hence, it helps stimulate sensations of patriotism among the Malagasy individuals and advises them of their Madagascar’s glory, charm, and rich heritage.

It also assists unite the people of Madagascar by one single song or music. Throughout the performance of the Malagasy national anthem, residents of Madagascar, regardless of their ethnic distinctions, rise in unity and listen diligently or sing the song with great passion.

Sports men and women from Madagascar also feel a great minute of delight when they get a medal at an international sporting occasion while Madagascar’s national anthem is played in the background. It gives them a sensation of having made their nation proud. Students who listen to the national anthem of Madagascar in schools learn to respect their nation and establish a sense of unity among themselves.