Moroccan National Anthem Lyrics

“Hymne Chérifien” is the national anthem of Morocco and the Moroccan national anthem lyrics were written by Ali Squalli Houssaini and the music to the Moroccan national anthem was composed by Léo Morgan.

The National Anthem Lyrics for Morocco

“Hymne Chérifien” was officially adopted as the national anthem of Morocco in the year of 1956.

Moroccan National Anthem Lyrics in Arabic (Arabic Script)

منبت الأحرار
مشرق الأنوار
منتدى السؤدد وحماه
دمت منتداه وحماه
عشت في الأوطان
للعلى عنوان
ملء كل جنان
ذكرى كل لسان
هب فتاك
لبي نداك
في فمي وفي دمي
هواك ثار نور ونار
اخوتي هيا
للعلى سعيا
نشهد الدنيا
أنا هنا نحيا
الله الوطن الملك

Moroccan National Anthem Lyrics in Arabic (Romanization)

Moroccan National Anthem Lyrics in Arabic (Romanization)

manbita al ahrar
machriqa al anwar
mountada sou’dadi wa himahh
doumta mountadah wa himah
ichta fi l awtan
liloula ounwan
mil’a koulli janane
dikra koulli lissane
habba fatak
labba nidak
fi fami wa fi dami
hawaka thara nour wa nar
ikhwati ahya
liloula sa’aya
nouch’hidi dounya
anna houna nahya
Allah, Al-Watan, Al-Malik

Moroccan National Anthem Lyrics Meaning in English

Fountain of Freedom
Source of Light
Where sovereignty and safety meet,
Safety and sovereignty may you ever combine!
You have lived among nations
With title sublime,
Filling each heart,
Sung by each tongue,
Your champion has risen
And answered your call.
For your soul and your body,
The victory they have conquered.
In my mouth and in my blood
Your breezes have stirred both light and fire.
Up! my brethren,
Strive for the highest.
We call to the world
That we are here ready.
We salute as our emblem
God, Homeland, and King.
Moroccan National Anthem Lyrics

When is Moroccan National Anthem Played or Sung?

National anthem of Morocco is typically played or sung during national holidays, especially on the independence day events in Morocco. It is also carried out throughout cultural and other celebrations in Morocco, usually marking off the beginning or completion of such festivals.

National anthem of Morocco is also typically performed in worldwide sporting occasions, such as the Olympic Games as well school sport events.

What is the importance of Moroccan National Anthem in Morocco?

The national anthem of Morocco, like other national symbols of Morocco, embodies the tradition, past history, and beliefs of Morocco and its individuals. For this reason, it helps evoke sensations of patriotism among the Moroccan people and reminds them of their Morocco’s glory, charm, and rich heritage.

It also assists unify the people of Morocco by one single tune or music. During the performance of the Moroccan national anthem, residents of Morocco, in spite of their ethnic differences, rise up in unison and listen attentively or sing the song with excellent passion.

Sports men and women from Morocco also feel a great minute of pride when they receive a medal at a worldwide sporting occasion while Morocco’s national anthem is played in the background. It provides a sensation of having actually made their nation proud. Students who listen to the national anthem of Morocco in schools learn to appreciate their country and develop a feeling of unity amongst themselves.