Nauruan National Anthem Lyrics

is the national anthem of Nauru and the Nauruan national anthem lyrics were written by Margaret Hendrie and the music to the Nauruan national anthem was composed by Laurence Henry Hicks.

The National Anthem Lyrics for Nauru

was officially adopted as the national anthem of Nauru in the year of 1968.

Nauruan National Anthem Lyrics in Nauruan

Nauru bwiema, ngabena ma auwe.
Ma dedaro bwe dogum, mo otata bet egom.
Atsin ngago bwien okor, ama bagadugu
Epoa ngabuna ri nan orre bet imur.
Ama memag ma nan epodan eredu won engiden,
Miyan aema ngeiyin ouge,
Nauru eko dogin!

Nauruan National Anthem Lyrics Meaning in English

Nauru our homeland, the land we dearly love,
We all pray for you and we also praise your name.
Since long ago you have been the home of our great forefathers
And will be for generations yet to come.
We all join in together to honour your flag,
And we shall rejoice together and say;
Nauru for evermore!

Nauruan National Anthem Lyrics

When is Nauruan National Anthem Played or Sung?

National anthem of Nauru is usually played or performed during national holidays, particularly on the independence day celebrations in Nauru. It is also carried out throughout cultural and other celebrations in Nauru, typically marking off the beginning or completion of such celebrations.

National anthem of Nauru is also frequently performed in worldwide sporting occasions, such as the Olympic Games as well school sport occasions.

What is the importance of Nauruan National Anthem in Nauru?

The national anthem of Nauru, like other nationwide signs of Nauru, embodies the custom, history, and faiths of Nauru and its people. Thus, it assists evoke sensations of patriotism among the Nauruan individuals and reminds them of their Nauru’s glory, appeal, and abundant heritage.

It also helps unify the people of Nauru by one single tune or music. Throughout the performance of the Nauruan national anthem, residents of Nauru, despite their ethnic distinctions, rise in unison and listen attentively or sing the song with terrific passion.

Sports males and females from Nauru also feel a fantastic minute of pride when they get a medal at a worldwide sporting event while Nauru’s national anthem is played in the background. It gives them a sensation of having made their country proud. Students who listen to the national anthem of Nauru in schools are taught to appreciate their nation and establish a spirit of unity among themselves.