Nicaraguan National Anthem Lyrics

“Salve a ti is the national anthem of Nicaragua and the Nicaraguan national anthem lyrics were written by Salomón Ibarra Mayorga and the music to the Nicaraguan national anthem was composed by Luis A. Delgadillo.

The National Anthem Lyrics for Nicaragua

“Salve a ti was officially adopted as the national anthem of Nicaragua in the year of 1918.

Nicaraguan National Anthem Lyrics in Spanish

¡Salve a ti, Nicaragua! En tu suelo,
Ya no ruge la voz del cañón
Ni se tiñe con sangre de hermanos
Tu glorioso pendón bicolor,
Ni se tiñe con sangre de hermanos
Tu glorioso pendón bicolor.

Brille hermosa la paz en tu cielo,
Nada empañe tu gloria inmortal
Que el trabajo es tu digno laurel
Y el honor es tu enseña triunfal,
Es tu enseña triunfal.

Nicaraguan National Anthem Lyrics Meaning in English

Hail to thee, Nicaragua. In your land
The cannon’s voice no longer roars,
Nor does the blood of our brothers
Stain your glorious bicoloured flag.
Nor does the blood of our brothers
Stain your glorious bicoloured flag.

Peace shines in beauty in your skies,
Nothing dims your immortal glory,
For work is what earns your laurels
And honour is your triumphal ensign,
Is your triumphal ensign.
Nicaraguan National Anthem Lyrics

When is Nicaraguan National Anthem Played or Sung?

National anthem of Nicaragua is generally played or sang during national holidays, specifically on the independence day events in Nicaragua. It is also performed throughout cultural and other celebrations in Nicaragua, normally marking off the start or the end of such celebrations.

National anthem of Nicaragua is also often performed in worldwide sporting events, such as the Olympic Games as well school sport events.

What is the importance of Nicaraguan National Anthem in Nicaragua?

The national anthem of Nicaragua, like other national signs of Nicaragua, embodies the custom, past history, and beliefs of Nicaragua and its people. It helps stimulate sensations of patriotism amongst the Nicaraguan people and reminds them of their Nicaragua’s magnificence, appeal, and rich heritage.

It also assists unite the residents of Nicaragua by one single tune or music. During the performance of the Nicaraguan national anthem, citizens of Nicaragua, in spite of their ethnic distinctions, rise up in unity and listen diligently or sing the song with fantastic excitement.

Sports males and females from Nicaragua also feel a great minute of pride when they receive a medal at an international sporting event while Nicaragua’s national anthem is played in the background. It gives them a feeling of having actually made their country proud. Students who listen to the national anthem of Nicaragua in schools are taught to appreciate their country and develop a feeling of unity among themselves.