Filipino National Anthem Lyrics

“Lupang Hinirang” is the national anthem of Philippines and the Filipino national anthem lyrics were written by José Palma and the music to the Filipino national anthem was composed by Julián Felipe.

The National Anthem Lyrics for Philippines

“Lupang Hinirang” was officially adopted as the national anthem of Philippines in the year of 1898.

Filipino National Anthem Lyrics in Filipino

Bayang Magiliw,
Perlas ng Silanganan
Alab ng puso
Sa dibdib mo’y buhay

Lupang Hinirang,
Duyan ka ng Magiting,
Sa manlulupig
Di ka pasisiil.

Sa dagat at bundok,
Sa simoy at sa langit mong bughaw,
May dilag ang tula
At awit sa paglayang minamahal

Ang kislap ng watawat mo’y
Tagumpay na nagniningning;
Ang bituin at araw niya,
Kailan pa ma’y di magdidilim

Lupa ng araw, ng luwalhati’t pagsinta,
Buhay ay langit sa piling mo,
Aming ligaya, na pag may mang-aapi,
Ang mamatay nang dahil sa iyo.

Filipino National Anthem Lyrics Meaning in English

Beloved country,
Pearl of the Orient,
The heart’s fervor,
In your chest is ever alive.

Chosen land,
You are the cradle of the brave.
To the conquerors,
You shall never win.

Through the seas and mountains,
Through the air and your blue sky,
There is splendor in the poem and song
For beloved freedom.

The sparkle of your flag
Is shining victoriously.
Its stars and sun
Shall forever never dim.

Land of the sun, of glory and our affections,
Life is heaven in your arms;
It is our pleasure, when there are oppressors,
To die for you.
Filipino National Anthem Lyrics

When is Filipino National Anthem Played or Sung?

National anthem of Philippines is normally played or sung throughout national holidays, specifically on the independence day events in Philippines. It is also carried out during cultural and other festivals in Philippines, typically marking off the start or completion of such festivals.

National anthem of Philippines is also often performed in international sporting occasions, such as the Olympic Games as well school sport occasions.

What is the importance of Filipino National Anthem in Philippines?

The national anthem of Philippines, like other nationwide signs of Philippines, represents the tradition, past history, and faiths of Philippines and its individuals. It helps stimulate feelings of patriotism amongst the Filipino people and reminds them of their Philippines’s splendor, beauty, and abundant heritage.

It also helps unite the people of Philippines by one single track or music. During the performance of the Filipino national anthem, citizens of Philippines, in spite of their ethnic distinctions, rise up in unison and listen attentively or sing the song with great excitement.

Sports men and women from Philippines also feel a great moment of delight when they receive a medal at a worldwide sporting occasion while Philippines’s national anthem is played in the background. It gives them a sensation of having made their country proud. Students who listen to the national anthem of Philippines in schools are taught to appreciate their country and establish a feeling of unity amongst themselves.