Saudi National Anthem Lyrics

“As-Salam Al Malaki” is the national anthem of Saudi Arabia and the Saudi national anthem lyrics were written by Ibrahim Khafaji and the music to the Saudi national anthem was composed by Abdul Rahman Al-Khateeb.

The National Anthem Lyrics for Saudi Arabia

“As-Salam Al Malaki” was officially adopted as the national anthem of Saudi Arabia in the year of 1950.

Saudi National Anthem Lyrics in Arabic (Arabic Script)

سارعي للمجد والعلياء
مجدي لخالق السماء
وارفعي الخفاق اخضر
يحمل النور المسطر
رددي الله اكبر
يا موطني
موطني قد عشت فخر المسلمين
عاش المليك للعلم والوطن

Suadi National Anthem Lyrics in Arabic (Romanization)

Sār‘ī le l-majd wa l-‘alyā’,
Majjedī le Khāleq as-Samā’!
Wa arfa‘ī el khaffāq akhḍḍar
Yaḥmil an-Nūr al-musaṭṭar
Raddedi: Allahu akbar,
Yā mawtanī!
Mawtanī, ‘išta fakhr al-Muslimīn
‘Āsh al-Malik le l-‘alam wa l-watan

Saudi National Anthem Lyrics Meaning in English

Hasten to glory and supremacy!
Glorify the Creator of the heavens
And raise the green, fluttering flag,
Carrying the emblem of Light!
Repeat – God is greatest!
O my country,
My country, may you always live,
The glory of all Muslims!
Long live the King,
For the flag and the country!

Saudi National Anthem Lyrics

When is Saudi National Anthem Played or Sung?

National anthem of Saudi Arabia is normally played or performed during national holidays, especially on the independence day celebrations in Saudi Arabia. It is also performed during cultural and other festivals in Saudi Arabia, normally marking off the start or completion of such festivals.

National anthem of Saudi Arabia is also typically carried out in international sporting events, such as the Olympic Games as well school sport events.

What is the importance of Saudi National Anthem in Saudi Arabia?

The national anthem of Saudi Arabia, like other national symbols of Saudi Arabia, represents the custom, past history, and faiths of Saudi Arabia and its folks. Hence, it helps evoke sensations of patriotism amongst the Saudi people and reminds them of their Saudi Arabia’s glory, charm, and rich heritage.

It also helps unite the people of Saudi Arabia by one single track or music. During the performance of the Saudi national anthem, people of Saudi Arabia, in spite of their ethnic differences, rise up in unison and listen diligently or sing the song with fantastic enthusiasm.

Sports men and women from Saudi Arabia also feel a terrific minute of delight when they receive a medal at a global sporting event while Saudi Arabia’s national anthem is played in the background. It provides a feeling of having made their nation proud. Students who listen to the national anthem of Saudi Arabia in schools learn to respect their nation and develop a spirit of unity amongst themselves.