Thai National Anthem

Together with the Thai flag, the national anthem of Thailand is a solemn patriotic song which is officially taken by Thailand as an expression of national identity.

The National Anthem of Thailand

The Thai national anthem song showcases the national heritage of Thailand and shows the nationalism, honor and nationwide allegiance. Along with the Thai national flag, it acts as a catalyst to the sensation of national pride for Thai people worldwide.

The Thai National Anthem’s name is, “Phleng Chat”, and is also known as “National Song”.

The Thai national anthem lyrics was written by Luang Saranupraphan.

The Thai song music was composed by Peter Feit and you can view or download the Thai national anthem music sheet from the links on this post.

“Phleng Chat” was officially embraced as the national anthem of Thailand in the year of 1939.

Thai National Anthem Song

When is Thai National Anthem Played or Sung?

National anthem of Thailand is typically played or performed during national holidays, specifically on the independence day events in Thailand. It is also carried out throughout cultural and other celebrations in Thailand, typically marking off the beginning or the end of such celebrations.

National anthem of Thailand is also typically carried out in international sporting events, such as the Olympic Games as well school sport occasions.

What is the importance of Thai National Anthem in Thailand?

The national anthem of Thailand, like other national signs of Thailand, embodies the custom, past history, and beliefs of Thailand and its folks. Hence, it assists evoke feelings of patriotism amongst the Thai people and advises them of their Thailand’s magnificence, appeal, and rich heritage.

It also helps join the people of Thailand by one single tune or music. Throughout the performance of the Thai national anthem, people of Thailand, in spite of their ethnic distinctions, rise up in unity and listen diligently or sing the song with terrific commitment.

Sports men and women from Thailand also feel an excellent minute of honor when they get a medal at an international sporting occasion while Thailand’s national anthem is played in the background. It gives them a sensation of having made their nation proud. Students who listen to the national anthem of Thailand in schools are taught to respect their nation and establish a spirit of unity amongst themselves.