Uzbek National Anthem Lyrics

“O`zbekiston Respublikasining Davlat Madhiyasi” is the national anthem of Uzbekistan and the Uzbek national anthem lyrics were written by Abdulla Aripov and the music to the Uzbek national anthem was composed by Mutal Burhanov.

The National Anthem Lyrics for Uzbekistan

“O`zbekiston Respublikasining Davlat Madhiyasi” was officially adopted as the national anthem of Uzbekistan in the year of 1991.

Uzbek National Anthem Lyrics in Uzbek

1. Serquyosh, hur o’lkam, elga baxt, najot,
Sen o’zing do’stlarga yo’ldosh, mehribon!
Yashnagay to abad ilmu fan, ijod,
Shuhrating porlasin toki bor jahon!

Oltin bu vodiylar – jon O’zbekiston,
Ajdodlar mardona ruhi senga yor!
Ulug’ xalq qudrati jo’sh urgan zamon,
Olamni mahliyo aylagan diyor!

2. Bag’ri keng o’zbekning o’chmas iymoni,
Erkin, yosh avlodlar senga zo’r qanot!
Istiqlol mash’ali, tinchlik posboni,
Xaqsevar, ona yurt, mangu bo’l obod!


Uzbek National Anthem Lyrics Meaning in English

1. Stand tall, my free country, good fortune and salvation to you,
You yourself a companion to friends, Oh! Loving one!
Flourish, Oh! Creator of eternal knowledge and science,
May your fame for ever shine bright!

These valleys are golden – my dear Uzbekistan,
Our forefathers’ manly spirits your companion!
Strenght of great people in turbulent times
Made this land the world’s joy!

2. Oh! Generous Uzbek, your faith will not fade,
Free, young generations are your mighty wings!
The torch of independence, guardians of peace,
Oh! Worthy motherland, flourish and prosper eternally!

Uzbek National Anthem Lyrics

When is Uzbek National Anthem Played or Sung?

National anthem of Uzbekistan is normally played or sung during national holidays, particularly on the independence day celebrations in Uzbekistan. It is also performed throughout cultural and other celebrations in Uzbekistan, typically marking off the beginning or completion of such celebrations.

National anthem of Uzbekistan is also typically performed in global sporting events, such as the Olympic Games as well school sport occasions.

What is the importance of Uzbek National Anthem in Uzbekistan?

The national anthem of Uzbekistan, like other national signs of Uzbekistan, represents the tradition, past history, and beliefs of Uzbekistan and its people. It assists stimulate sensations of patriotism amongst the Uzbek people and reminds them of their Uzbekistan’s glory, charm, and abundant heritage.

It also helps unify the people of Uzbekistan by one single record or music. During the performance of the Uzbek national anthem, citizens of Uzbekistan, regardless of their ethnic differences, rise up in unity and listen diligently or sing the song with great enthusiasm.

Sports men and women from Uzbekistan also feel an excellent moment of pride when they receive a medal at a global sporting occasion while Uzbekistan’s national anthem is played in the background. It provides a sensation of having actually made their country proud. Students who listen to the national anthem of Uzbekistan in schools learn to respect their country and develop a spirit of unity among themselves.