Tajik National Anthem Sheet Music

Download and print top quality “Surudi Milli”, Tajik national anthem sheet music for piano, voice or other instruments for free here.

The National Anthem Sheet Music for Tajikistan

“Surudi Milli” was formally adopted as the national anthem of Tajikistan in the year of 1991.

From here, you can check out the Tajik national anthem sheet music online or download the national anthem sheet music for Tajikistan by right clicking on the link listed below and then click on Save as.

Playing National Anthem Sheet Music for Tajikistan on Piano

By making smaller modifications when playing the “Surudi Milli” on piano, you will discover substantial variations in the quality of your performance.

  • Have a good posture. One of the very best method to guarantee to keep a good posture is to put up a mirror above your piano so you can watch yourself.
  • Relax, stretch, and warm-up hand and foot muscles whenever you play the piano. The concept is not simply to relax physically, but also to open up your ears to the reverb and floating tone of every single note from the Tajik national anthem sheet music.
  • Arch the palms – This will help you touch the keys not with whole finger pulps however only with fingertips on the piano keyboard.
  • To achieve self-reliance between the hands, practice the melodic and accompaniment elements from the sheet music for Tajik national anthem, individually.
  • To play each and every single note that you play from the Tajikistan national anthem sheet music to represent something, you will require to focus your attention on distinctions in touch and attack.

Tajik National Anthem Lyrics in Tajik (Cyrillic Script)

1. Диёри арҷманди мо,
Ба бахти мо сари азизи ту баланд бод,
Саодати ту, давлати ту бегазанд бод.
Зи дурии замонаҳо расидаем,
Ба зери парчами ту саф кашидаем,

Зинда бош эй Ватан,
Тоҷикистони озоди ман!

2. Барои нангу номи мо
Ту аз умеди рафтагони мо нишонаӣ,
Ту баҳри ворисон ҷаҳони ҷовидонаӣ,
Хазон намерасад ба навбаҳори ту,
Ки мазраи вафо бувад канори ту,
канори ту


3. Ту модари ягонаӣ,
Бақои ту бувад бақои хонадони мо,
Мароми ту бувад мароми ҷисму ҷони мо,
Зи ту саодати абад насиби мост,
Ту ҳастиву ҳама ҷаҳон ҳабиби мост,
ҳабиби мост,


Tajik National Anthem Lyrics in Tajik (Romanization)

Tajik National Anthem Lyrics in Tajik (Romanization)

1. Dieri archmandi mo
Ba bahti mo sari azizi tu baland bod,
Soadati tu, davlati tu begazand bod.
Zi durii zamonaho rasidaem
Ba zeri parchami tu saf kashidaem, kashidaem,

Zinda bosh, ey Vatan
Tochikistoni ozodi man.

2. Baroi nangi nomi mo
Tu az umedi raftagoni mo nishonai
Tu bahri vorisoni chahon chovidonai,
Hazon namerasad ba navbahori tu,
Ki mazrai vafo buvad kanori tu, kanori tu,


3. Tu modare jagonai,
Bakoi tu buvad bahoi honadoni mo,
Maromi tu buvad maromi chismu choni mo.
Zi tu saodati abad nasibi most
Tu hastivu hama chahon habibi most habibi most

Tajik National Anthem Sheet Music

How to Memorise Tajik National Anthem Sheet Music?

The more songs you master– the simpler for you to discover them. Sight-read a brand-new song everyday (I post every other day!) to establish memory.

One of the best way to memorize “Surudi Milli” music sheet is to understand the musical structure in Tajik national anthem music sheet – where tune parts start and end, which chord progression is used.

Another method to keep in mind well is to check out the music score from the Tajik national anthem music sheet in bed at night and analyse how repeatings differ.

It is really essential to memorise as you play the notes from the Tajik national anthem music sheet: from the very beginning go through one-two bars and play them from memory. Attempt to prevent taking a look at the “Surudi Milli” music sheet as long as you can when rehearsing the music piece.

Sing the melody from Tajik national anthem music sheet or just hum out loud when playing.